"Yale Power Station, New Haven,  CT" by E. Kingman

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"Yale Power Station, New Haven, CT" by E. Kingman

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Lithograph, ca. 1930's-40's, Ed. unknown, on smooth grayish cream wove paper, signed in the stone. Drawn in a forceful planar style using the side of the litho crayon, this artist received a BA degree from Yale University in New Haven in 1932, but the abscence of a fully legible signature or any other information on this image and it's companion piece have delayed a more definitive identification. With a hard edged modernist style featuring loose, confident architectural rendering and minimal detail, both prints echo the machine age aesthetic of the time. The towering power station which I have not been able to conclusively identify may be associated with Yale University. Whatever it's location and use, the small cross atop the tower seen beyond the looming fortress-like structure turns this building into a temple of industry.