Robert Anning-Bell Herodias

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"Herodias" by Robert Anning-Bell, Eng. (1863-1933)

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Color Lithograph, 1896, Large edition as published in The International Studio, Vol. 8, 1896, 8-3/4 x 5-7/8, signed in the block, with "The Studio" blindstamp, on warm white laid paper. A distinctly Beardsleyesque design, but the use of color here asserts Anning-Bell's intention, and with a memorable result going a long way to broaden this macarbre subject's appeal. Though published in The Studio, presumably in a large edition, I've not run across this print with the frequency of Whistler's "The Smith's Yard", amply preserved due to his fame and active market. Scarce or not, when we're talking "Heads on a Platter", Anning-Bell gets my vote.