Keith Shaw Williams (Whistle Stop)

"(Whistle Stop)" by Keith Shaw Williams

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Lithograph, ca. 1930-40, a touched proof, unsigned, 12-1/2 x 8-11/16, on thin cream wood pulp wove paper with approximately 1/2 inch margins, bottom margin unevenly trimmed, a short repaired tear and two tack holes at top margin left & right. This is obviously a working proof which the artist tacked up to study and draw revisions directly on to incorporate in a new state of the print. The numbers on the engine, smoke from the stack, and edges of figures, train and building all show hand drawn revisions. Proofs like this have value in that they record the development of an artist's ideas for an image and provide a window into the creative process. The style reminds one of Bellows in the bold simplicity of the figures and strength and interest of the composition. A great train image. From the artist's estate.Though unsigned, I'm attributing this to Williams based on the previous owner's knowledge of related material in the artist's estate. This lithograph is much bolder in execution than Williams finely detailed etchings I have seen, but the power of the image simply would not let me walk away.